Openfiler or FreeNAS with backuppc?

Well I have been testing them both. They are both very nice packages. My goal is to have backuppc to take care of backups in my homenetwork. Unfortunately none of them come with backuppc preloaded.

I somehow like openfiler more: it is under more active development, it is based on rpath and it is easier to load other packages on it.

Openfiler comes with bacula preloaded, but it is an overkill for my purposes. I somehow like backuppc approach and design a lot.

I tried to install backuppc on openfiler, but I could not get perl modules installed. I am not that familiar with conary pkg management and conary repositories did not have recent backuppc packages available so I gave up. I’m not sure if you can install backuppc on FreeNAS?

Also I tried to run backuppc on my other server and store backups on my openfiler over NFS. Backuppc caused my other linux server to crash when rsyncing large files. Not very good since this other server is my mythbackend…


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2 Responses to “Openfiler or FreeNAS with backuppc?”

  1. harryd71 Says:


    maybe you want to try my howto (see on my website)

    But please read carefully ;-) I was not able to get the webinterface running after a reboot…



  2. spleen2060 Says:

    this dude maded with openfiler

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